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I am definitely still in the process of figuring everything out for my blog. I just want to make it as easy as possible for us to be connected. I’m hoping by getting my blog connected to Bloglovin that we can see much more of each other. Here goes nothin!


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HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! It’s our chance to greet the weekend with a smile and take advantage of the (hopefully) long weekend with our friends and family! To anyone not US based I’m talking about Labor Day, Monday’s holiday, which gives all of us Americans a day off to honor our hard work for the rest of the year. It started to try and break up a railroad strike over a hundred years ago, but I’m glad it’s a national holiday that has stuck.

It’s also the holiday that signals the coming of Fall. In the past it meant no more wearing white, but that rule f**king sucks. Winter white is my f**king favorite. Anyways, let’s check out some of my lusts for this week!


We have been doing our 30 days of fitness for virtually all of the month of August and I am starving. I cannot wait to get to September 4th and make myself some apple crisp full of brown sugar and butter. GET IN MY BELLY! And then also continue our health streak by keeping up with workouts and making better decisions about eating. I am just definitely having a beer and some apple crisp first :)


Speaking of alcohol, I am in love with all the cool bar carts I have been seeing on Pinterest lately. Once we get our whole living room situation figured out (i.e. picking out a couch), I am definitely making one of these guys. I feel like we will be hosting a lot of football related get-togethers so having a stocked bar wouldn’t be a bad idea!


My office/closet/guest bedroom is coming along nicely. I have two days to finish getting it set up before it is the end of August so we are in the trenches right now! Pushing through to success! Since I am getting rid of my desk with drawers and instead putting a table with a bookcase I want to invest in some cute storage pieces to make my office more boutique-y. I love the ones in this photo as inspiration. Look for a picture of the office all set up and ready to roll next week!


I hate the idea of giving up white and florals for Fall. Therefore, I am just not doing it. This is some outfit inspo that I will be putting to good use next week. I love finding good idea on Pinterest and making them my own. You can follow my Pinterest here, if you want some inspo of your own.


The last thing in the world I need is a new pair of shoes, but these are just too beautiful to not want!!!! Why do I love straps and laces so much? No idea! But I’ll keep these here to remind me when I do need shoes for something that these babies are it!!!

Alright y’all, what do you thinks of my lusts for the week? Are you wanting anything right now that is amazing? Have a great weekend!

Much Love,



A Few Beautiful Things

As a merchandiser for the store I work at (the creator of store displays), I am always looking for ways to make things look more appealing. It makes sense, if everything looks organized and pretty, people are more likely to buy it. I know the motivation behind what I do is supposed to be just that, but the reason I enjoy it is because I get to be creative. I’ve taken to trying to turn everyday things into little bits of art. I just feel like it makes everyday that little bit better.

photo (1)

This is a photo Danny in took in Seattle after I organized all my things on the table. He thinks I’m a weirdo for being so anal retentive, but then has to admit, it looks pretty cool. Plus this is a great example of pretty much the only things I need in life. Coffee, Camera, iPhone. photo

This is one of the pieces Gabi and I did for Shore yesterday. We found the wood piece at Sarasota Slavage, along with the non-working camera, old movie tin and shiny tile. I ordered the used book from Amazon. And the other pieces, empty Elvis record sleeve, mini radio and hawaiian tiki man, were all props we already had at Shore. I love creating things like this. I feel like it makes the displays more fun in the store. I also love transferring it into my own home. I definitely hope to do more little displays in my office as it gets organized. 

Hopefully this brought a little beauty and creativity to your day. In the end it’s important to love what you and listen to your heart when choosing a career. Don’t listen to what anyone says, if you really love it, keep doing it. Eventually amazing things will happen.

Much Love, 



Emmy’s 2014 Red Carpet Faves

Here’s another addition of my favorites for award season. Let me know what you guys think about this. I really like doing it, but definitely understand how doing every award show could get annoying. What’s your opinion? Let me know!

heidi klum

I am in love with all the Tangerine Dream-ish oranges that were worn on the red carpet this year!!! I always love when there is a lot of color in the gowns for award shows. It makes everything so much more interesting. Heidi Klum looks amazing in this Zac Posen coral number. That’s how to make a cape work. I was worried about the whole cape thing in dresses, but this is really beautiful. Not that I am surprised, I feel like anything Zac Posen puts together always takes my breath away. This one is no different.

louise roe

Louise Roe in this Monique Lhullier is perfect. I love the draping and that there is a bit of the coral color, but still is unique enough to set apart from all the rest of the orange gowns. And I love her shoes!!!! I think the fact that she left the jewelry to a minimum and wore a sleek bun, let the dress keep all the attention. Great styling!

sarah hyland

Uhhhhh I love this look! I’ve loved Christian Siriano ever since he was on Project Runway. I am so happy to see him come into his own and seeing his creations on the red carpet more often! Sarah Hyland kills it in this! Apparently I have an absolute obsession with crop tops because they have definitely stuck out to me as favorite looks for the two red carpet faves I’ve done. Love the coral, the crop and the bun.

peter dinklage

Peter Dinklage is the only dude who makes my list today and I think it’s pretty obvious why. This suit is a perfect fit for him and I love that he wore a vest to keep it classy. Kit Harrington, his co-star from Game of Thrones, decided to forgo the vest leaving his white shirt glaring through the little triangle where his jacket opened above his pants. I don’t know why that bothered me so much because it seems so trivial. And then I saw how impeccable Peter looked and it was apparent  how vests really clean up the suit. For more casual outings I would say the vest is overkill, but for showing up and potentially winning an award for your craft, it makes sense to cover all your bases and look your best. I think Peter definitely looks his best.

january jones

I love the cut of this dress on January Jones! The peek-a-boo to see her fun shoes is awesome. Her dress almost perfectly matches the red carpet, but definitely isn’t shadowed by it. I don’t really think this dress was a risk, or is anything groundbreaking, I just like that it adds a little fun to the normal ball gown.

66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

This dress is hot!!!! And Keke Palmer is pretty hot filling it in too! I appreciate the workmanship to make this dress fit so perfectly. A seamstress, or perhaps the designer himself, spent some time making this dress a second skin to Keke’s. And it paid off. Her stylist deserves a raise for this one. Fantastic job and she looks amazing!


Alright y’all, what were your faves from the Emmy’s? I look forward to hearing your opinions!

Much Love,


Motivational Tuesdays #1

Days that end in a ‘Y’ can be tough sometimes. Especially days where work, or school or obligations are involved. For me, Tuesdays are particularly difficult. Mondays suck because well, it’s Monday. But Tuesdays suck for a whole new set of reasons. Mondays usually fly by because I’m catching up on everything I missed during the weekend, i.e. emails, good times had, etc. But Tuesday is a dang stick in the mud. Wednesday you get the camel saying “HUMP DAAAAY”, which I enjoy. Thursdays are basically Friday and Friday is Friday!!! Wawhoo! But, Tuesday… wet effing blanket. I decided the only way to combat the Tuesday Blues is to post a little motivation to get me through the day, and Motivational Tuesdays is born! So, here’s to your Tuesdays being filled with fun things to get you through!!!


The first Motivational Tuesday message is a reminder to chill the eff out. Enjoy the moment, and don’t get ahead of yourself. I know I feel like time flies by so fast sometimes. Since we started vlogging everyday can turn into just another number really easily. We’re always pushing to Day 250 or Day 300. I feel like it makes the days rush by, and sometimes I forget to relax and enjoy what’s happening in the moment. I also tend to wish for the weekends. There’s no point in pushing through five days that could be fun just to get to the two at the end of the week right? I also made sure to find a picture of the beach that I love so I won’t feel so far away from my happy place while at work tomorrow. Hopefully this gives you a little motivation too, or at least a chuckle reading my logic.


Much Love Y’all,


VMAs 2014: My Favorite Looks!

Ah, the VMAs. An award show that no one really takes seriously, but shows up to if they have to promote something and feel like drinking that night. We’ve experienced them semi-closely, as Danny is apart of the music business, and while We the Kings has never been featured at one of the broadcasts, they have been apart of the parties in the background on occasion. 

The walk down a red carpet has to be kind of weird. It looks super glamorous on television, but that’s because with clever camera angles, they cut out screaming fans, stressed out assistants, random people walking down the carpet that no one cares about, and other extraneous nonsense going on around the actual people being photographed. Does that mean I never want to be apart of something like this? Absolutely not. I would love to see a red carpet in person, even if I was just the stylist making someone look good. I already have my Mara Hoffman picked out!

With that in mind, I am not interested in critiquing people’s outfits and calling out the best or worst dressed. I am more excited about highlighting the things I saw that I loved. So without further ado, here’s my faves!


Victoria Justice in this awesome Lublu Kira Plastinina skirt! I am in love with this! It’s such a badass look and she definitely pulls it off. This is the number one piece I want to own. I have absolutely no clue where I would actually be able to wear this, but I want it anyway. She killed it. I want it. 


Rita Ora oozes old Hollywood glam in this Donna Karen Atelier dress. It’s sexy, but she keeps it classy with a little wardrobe tape here and there to make sure everything stays in place. I love her style, that she pushes boundaries and that she stays true to herself.


Kendall Jenner reminds us all that she’s a legit, working model by rocking this jumpsuit/maybe shirt and pants with bra combo. I love it though. The high-waist elongates her already ridiculously long body. And the bra is sexy, but still pretty conservative considering she’s covering all of her cleavage (nothing like her sister Kim). I love the Jenner sisters style. Usually over the top trendy, but still looking good. It helps to have a clothing budget of like a gajillion dollars. 


J.Lo looks fabulous in this crazy cut-out, high-slited, sequined number. I mean, she’s J.Lo. She’s perfection. 


tyler oakley vmas

And last but not least, I have to give a little YouTube love to the one and only Tyler Oakley. To the man who once told me in passing, “You’re skin is absolutely glowing,” I have to say that you sir, look fantastic in burgundy. I am always so proud when I see YouTubers killing it in the real world. Keep up the great work!


Alright y’all, off to take on my Monday! Much love,



I obviously did not attend the VMAs myself this year, and even if I did my pictures would not be nearly as fabulous. All photo credits go to The New York Daily News, except for Tyler’s, which is from The Hollywood Reporter. 



Helllllooooo everyone and happy Lustful Friday! Here we are again, discussing my favorite things I found and am totally in need of for this week! I love watching the evolution of these posts and how I eventually bite the bullet and actually go out into the real world and get the things that I’ve lusted over. Just this past week I finally got my first pair of designer shoes, some rockstuds that made their initial appearance in Lustful Fridays #2. You can also see them in action for the first time in Our Trip to Seattle Day #2. I won’t say they’ll be my last splurge, but I much rather enjoy searching for a bargain. With that in mind, let’s move into my lusts from this week!


bright skirt


I love the geometric cut of this skort. I still think this will be really fun this fall in a dark olive color or black. I am very into structure in my style. I like some boho, flowy things, but I just think the structured pieces are much more flattering on a wider variety of people. I am happy to see this style stick around!



Another style favorite is the high neck. I cannot stress enough how flattering I believe this neckline to be on essentially everyone. It shows off shoulders and minimizes concentration on the bust. Therefore, keeping it classy, while still showing some skin. Now, this bikini by Ola Feroz, is a little bit of an exception to the classiness because there are some serious cutouts. However, I love them. And this color!!! I am an olive toned girl who loves to wear olive toned clothing. The highneck in multiple variations will definitely be showing up in my swim for this next season.



I am seriously getting down to business with my Goal for August! Since my closet will also continue to double as my office space, I want it to be a very chic little area. It will be where I find my zen, creativity and happiness. So, I need to make it cute, right? I have already ordered a white drafting table for myself so I can ditch my old clunky desk. And I also got a new white bookcase since I’m losing the drawer space with a table. Danny is very concerned about the loss of drawers, but he just doesn’t get my vision yet! It will come in time. We’ll get him on our side soon enough! I also want to freshen up this space with some new white paint on my floorboards and in the actual closet, and I also got a new door with gold hardware to brighten up the place a bit. I am very excited to see this space come to life!



mara chair


Anyone who knows me, has heard about my near obsession with Mara Hoffman. So it’s obvious my closet/office would not be complete without this Mara Hoffman for Anthropologie chair in a corner lounge area. This little diddy would set me back a pretty penny though and considering I want to take September to re-do our kitchen, this chair will have to be my inspiration piece. Or to me, better known as the “If I Win the Lottery Piece”.




Finally, I am starting to see the change of seasons in fashion. I definitely don’t see it when I walk outside my door in Florida because it so freakin’ hot I could die, but I am still starting to get that Fall itch. For anyone not in the know, the Fall itch is what girls start to feel around August that includes yearnings for Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes, wearing a scarf, and figuring out how to make boots work with any outfit. In Florida, we usually see our first chilly day in January so I have a while to get my Fall wardrobe together, which is probably why I always put off buying a trench coat. I am obsessed with the look and have been wanting one for years, but just never pulled the trigger. Danny always make fun of me because I want the “Mercedes” of everything. Like when we bought a vacuum, I wanted a Dyson. Or when we went couch hunting, I started at Pottery Barn. The trench is no different because I am holding out for a Burberry. Perhaps it will be my next little splurge!


Alright y’all. See you soon! Much Love,