Motivational Tuesday #4

drunk is...Sometimes motivation just needs to be silly to try and get through everything. It’s been another crazy week for me. I worked Monday and today at Shore, have an appointment tomorrow to get my hair dyed PINK for the DLV, am going with Danny to our second Bucs game of the season on Thursday and fly to Boston for a wedding on Friday! Whew… I’m getting whooped and I haven’t even done everything yet. Luckily, it seems like it’s a good night for a glass or two of wine. I thought this throwback photo taken out front of a bar in Seattle when we were there last month really hits the nail on the head of funny drunkenness. I’m going to try and get sophisticated tonight hahaha

Much Love,


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Organizing a Small Closet

photo (3)I have been working on cleaning out this guest bedroom closet to make it my own little space since August 1st. I was finally able to get through all the junk with tons of trips to Goodwill and the trash can. I added a fresh coat of white paint and got to organizing. I work in retail and spend the majority of time merchandising and organizing the store so, I have a lot of experience making clothing look appealing. It only seemed fair that if I have to do it all day at work, I should also be able to do it at home.

On the top shelf, I made sure to only put things that are either easily visible or not used very often. The two big Ikea boxes all the way to the left have old Halloween costume items and winter things such as gloves, hats and scarves (I won’t use these in Florida until maybe January). Next to those is a basket of belts and hats. Accessories that are light and easy to bring down when needed. Followed by that, are my jeans folded so I can easily grab them and go. Next is an old wire shelf that have baskets from TJ Maxx on them. These baskets hold all my camera accessories, iPhone/iPad accessories, and another Tupperware filled with miscellaneous cords. To the far right, and not visible to the outside, are big Tupperware bins filled with mementos like baby clothes, pictures and tons of my old books.

Below the shelving is a long hanging rod to hang as many pieces as possible. I bought new felt hangers that are super thin so I can hang a surprisingly large amount of clothing. I also bought a velcro attached hanging cubby thing so I could fold some of my clothes down like sweaters (which either grow on hangers or take up a ton of space), sweatshirts and my workout clothes at the bottom. (I feel like if they’re right out in the open I’ll be more likely to put them on and go running!) For my shoes, I used a shoe rack so I could stack them all up behind each other. I also fit a set of wicker drawers where I had a little space left. It houses all my purses, shorts and bras in it. On top of that, is a basket of extra flip flops.

Overall, I think my new closet is a success. It definitely took longer than I had wanted, but sometimes going through old memories and trying to clean takes up more time than one would hope. I’m spending the next couple of days building my new furniture for the office area of the room. More pictures to come! I hope this helped gather some ideas on how to be more organized in your life.

Much Love,



IT’S FOOTBALL SEASON AND WE WANT TO THROW A PARTY!!! We had plans to turn this Sunday into the party of the season at our house, but then we got tickets to go to Universal and go to mother effing HARRY POTTER LAND! So, the party will have to wait until after we get back from Boston, but I have all these great ideas that I thought could come in handy for all of your sporting events coming up. Put links and ideas in the comments if you have any good ones to add!


I am making everyone a dang cup. I want them all to look like a football and have their name on it. It will be cute, but also, it’s totally needed so no one loses their cup. I am the type of person who can take a theme and run with it. Plan on seeing tons of footballs hehe


I made these football brownies for the Super Bowl and they were a huge hit. You can’t really go wrong with brownies. Dessert always wins hearts.

fritopiestation    bloodymarystationMIMOSA BAR

Another set-up that I want to try is to do is bars of items. A mimosa bar, bloody mary bar and Frito bowl bar are all in the cards for our game day. The Fritos are cool because it’s easy. Grab a bag of Fritos, have some chili to add in, as well as some toppings, and tell guests to add everything right into the existing Frito bag. There’s no real clean up and it’s a yummy little meal. The bloody mary bar is fun for earlier games and while the mimosa bar would be perfect for that too, it’s also a good transitional beverage to have something light and refreshing available all day. mini-sausage-wrap

Hot dogs are a must do at our house. These mini ones wrapped in a crescent looks so good. It’s a good way to make hot dogs looks more appetizing to people who don’t usually eat them. I think those people are crazy, but can relate to not wanting to eat random things (i.e. chicken for me).


The last idea that I want to implement into our party is to label our coolers. We have some friends who only drink beer for football games and we have some friends who haven’t had a sip of alcohol in years. Before they each go digging around in the ice, I want to make sure they know what they’re getting into. I think it’s just courteous.

I thought these ideas were cute and practical. If you have any other good ones let me know!

Much Love,




Happy Friday loves! It’s been a crazy week in the Bell/Duncan household! We finally got our new couch! Moving out the old one was tough, but getting the new one in was well worth it. We are also preparing for our trip to Boston next week and I am finally finished painting my closet! I’m constantly working on improving our home and in turn, our lives. Always craziness around here. Don’t think all of our things going on would keep me from window shopping and finding some things to lust over this last week. I can always find something <3


I am super excited because we are less than 150 subscribers from 200,000 over on our YouTube page! And as promised, once we hit 200k, I am getting pink hair! It started with me tweeting and asking what we should do for 200k. There were a ton of ideas that came in from our followers, but the overall most requested was that I dye my hair so I have mermaid hair. There were a ton of suggestions for red like Ariel, or blue/green like water, but Danny’s favorite was pink. So, we decided on pink. I am terrified that all my hair will fall out from having too much dye on it, or it will look awful on me. What I have to keep reminding myself is that it’s going to be a really cool celebration of how far we have come. I can’t wait to get in and see my stylist next week hopefully!!!!


Next up, nails for the wedding next weekend. I’ll be going on Thursday morning to get new shellac before we head to Boston. I always do neutral nails, but want to switch it up and do something a little funky. I think the black tips to match my accessories and shoes will be perfect. blue life sports bra

I love this Blue Life clothing line. We carry the clothes at Shore and will be starting this Fall carrying the workout line too. I love cute workout clothes that can double as wearable comfy clothes too. I will basically be living in these laser cut pieces 24/7.davidyurman

Dear Santa, Please? I am pretty David Yurman obsessed. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but love stacking bangles. Bracelets are just my thing. I love that these are monochromatic and chunky. I’m all about that.


Dear Santa, Also please? Frenchies are my life. I want a frenchie farm in my backyard.


I want everything I own to say this on it. Thank you Beyonce for coining my new favorite thing to say to everyone. I’ve been saying it completely unseriously in response to everything. Friend: “Linds, you seem spritely today.” Me: “I WOKE UP LIKE THIS.”


I would love to find some cute, little knuckle rings like this. I have a few of them, but would love to stack them more like these. I love that they’re all different and unique. watermelon bikeFinally, my bicycle is getting really rusty. It’s sad, but I’ve had it for three years, riding it through salt water all the time. It’s only a matter of time before I am riding it and one of the wheels falls off. Considering biking is one of my favorite pastimes, I would like to find a new bike before that happens. I also would like to note that this bike looks like a watermelon and that is awesome. I am going to be keeping my eye out for a bike that’s a little different and fun.

Much Love Y’all,


Nerding Out Over iPhone 6 and Apple Watch


I missed the initial announcement showing because I was at Shore all day, but came home super excited to check out the Apple news from today. I will definitely be upgrading during the pre-sale on September 12th. I am going big or going home and getting the iPhone 6 Plus 64GB in GOLD. Can. Not. Wait. I am still rinky dinking around on my iPhone 5, not that it’s bad, it’s just so exciting to have something new. 

My favorite part of the new operating system and phone? The new iHealth app. I always get so excited to workout when I get new ways to track it. I am sure this will be no different. Will it be weird to workout holding what is essentially an iPad Mini? Maybe. Am I willing to look past that? Absolutely. I am also pretty excited to try out the new Apple Pay. The best decision I ever made was linking my credit cards to my phone in the Starbucks app. Even if I forget my wallet or lose a card, I always have some extra money handy on there and can grab a bite to eat. It has saved my ass from going the whole day hungry a good number of times. I also like the idea that Danny doesn’t have to take out his wallet to pay and then potentially lose it. Keep that thing in your backpack and just pay with your phone babe. Less chance for mishaps. 

I am on the fence about Apple Watch. I think there is a rose gold one so that’s cool, but I’m not losing my mind over it like Danny is. It’s probably because it does not make it’s grand entrance until 2015 sometime. So I have plenty of time to fall in love and need one or I’ll die. Danny and I usually have to have his and her everything so I’m sure this will be no different. I am just such an immediate satisfaction person. 

Nothing like a new phone to get ya pumped up!!! 

Much Love, 


NYFW Spring 15 Review

Hello Fashion Week! It’s my dream to go to New York Fashion Week someday. I received my first invite this year, but since it was only for one show and since the owners for Shore weren’t making the trip, I also had to miss out on the festivities. Someday though. Someday I will be there checking it out in person. Until then, I will continue to check out the shows and love on everything that is coming up on my favorite blogs. The Cut is my absolute favorite. So after peeking through all of their amazing content, I have picked some of my favorite looks from the weekend. I’ll start first with some of the shows and second, some of my favorite street style looks. 



Alexander Wang showed my favorite collection from Spring 15. I want a pair of those amazing fitting, high-wasited pants so much. The dresses are cute, girly and structured. All things I love. And I am never one to hate on a crop top. I understand that some people love fashion because it is art, and I can appreciate that perspective. But for me, clothes need to be wearable AND fun. I love that I could actually wear these pieces. 


altuzarraspring154 altuzarraspring153 altuzarraspring152 altuzarraspring15

GINGHAM EVERYWHERE! I love the mix of prints and the girly gingham in Altuzarra’s Spring line. I will definitely be emulating these outfits. I can’t wait to see more of the front slit on skirts out in the real world where I am able to buy them. I love how sexy it is, but keeping it more demure with the length. I also love that the high-waisted black slack is seen here and in Alexander Wang. The mixed printed top and skirt might be my go to for classier events this Fall. And how cute is the sheer top over the gingham top?! Love this.


bcbgspring151 bcbgspring152 bcbgspring153


BCBG surprised me with their line this year. I haven’t loved what they’ve been doing in past seasons, but I really liked some of the looks in this show. I’m glad the girly, flowy look is being seen more. I am not a menswear inspired lover with the exception of a few staples like a nice jacket, tailored slack or cute loafer. I think the oversized, baggy thing is not flattering on most women and am happy to see the clothes moving in more of a structured or girly direction. I am not a fan of the gaucho pants in the last picture, but want the jacket so much I had to include the image. 



Christian Siriano is the real thing. I have always thought very highly of him after his run on Project Runway and am so happy to see him flourish and thrive in the ways that he has. Don’t tell Danny, but someday, I want the second image to be my wedding gown. I love it that much. I am also really happy to see how much stark white is on the runways this season. It is one of my favorite colors to wear and I am definitely wearing a ton of white this spring. 



Oh Mara, how I love thee. Mara is my girl, but this is not my favorite line she has put out. It is in stark contrast to what she released for Resort 15 and just not quite doing it for me. There are always pieces that I love (and will own), but not as many as in the past. On a positive note though, go ahead and make one of these for me. 


joiespring152 joiespring151

I love this line. Joie always keep it classy and sophisticated. Maybe it’s how perfect these dresses fit this model or maybe it’s because I have so many weddings to attend this year that I still need dresses for, but I love these <3


DanielleBernsteinFWD1 GiovannaBattaglia HanneliMustparta JacquelynJablonski  RumiNeelyLeighLezarkFWD1

Danielle Bernstein, Giovanna Battaglia, Hanneli Mustparta, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Rumi Neely, Leigh Lezark


Overall, the best part about fashion is displaying who you are. My clothes are an expression of who I feel like I am that day. It’s fun to look at what’s out there and what people are wearing to get ideas about what I want to be in the future. Sometimes I emulate their looks, sometimes I hate what they wear or sometimes I add a little of their style to mine. Fashion is fun. I hope y’all have an amazing week. See you soon!

Much Love, 


P.S. I was not at Fashion Week and have gotten all the images I used are from The Cut.